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Skillsoft's New Personal Productivity Improvement Series Helps Professionals Get in the Zone

Provides the tools and tips for increasing effectiveness
and efficiency in the workplace and at home

NASHUA, N.H.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Skillsoft today announced a new solution that helps professionals develop and strengthen their personal productivity and time management skills. Personal Productivity Improvement is offered through Skillsoft's award-winning Business Skills Library. The series, which is available through Skillsoft's cloud based learning solutions, offers interactive courses, searchable full-text digital books, job aids, and videos of CEOs and globally respected business thought leaders. To further foster personal productivity and any time anywhere learning, many of these elements can be accessed through mobile devices. The Personal Productivity Improvement series builds on Skillsoft's history as a pioneer in the field of learning, its long history of innovation and as a provider of solutions for its customers worldwide, spanning global enterprises, government, education and small to medium sized businesses.

"Personal productivity and effective time management are essential best practices for every employee in today's business environment of constrained resources and strict project deadlines," said Russ Howard, director, content programs, Skillsoft. "This new personal productivity series is aimed at business professionals seeking tips and tools for managing their work day, becoming more organized, establishing priorities, and staying on top of key tasks. This new offering, and other Skillsoft learning solutions, enable professionals to optimally manage their time, and improve their productivity both in the workplace and in their personal lives."

Skillsoft's engaging learning assets also include Personal Productivity Improvement: Workspace Management. This interactive experience introduces ways in which an organized workspace can bolster productivity. Specific guidelines for organizing workspaces in the most efficient manner possible are also introduced. Personal Productivity Improvement: Self-Organization and Overcoming Procrastination, covers techniques to help you get organized and accomplish more. It discusses self-management, how to recognize and overcome procrastination and how to eliminate time wasters. The third asset in the series deals with task management and the breaking down of projects into smaller more manageable tasks. Personal Productivity Improvement: Managing Tasks and Maximizing Productivity reviews priority setting and ways you can use organizational tools to stay on top of key tasks and projects.

For time management specifically, Skillsoft is now offering free access to an ExecBlueprint to jumpstart professionals' personal productivity and time management training. The ExecBlueprints are an executive-focused collection that provides best practices insight on strategic business issues, helping to formulate planning and action. Providing unique perspectives from industry leaders, the ExecBlueprints collection helps executives stay current and informed on those issues that have a direct impact on success. The ExecBlueprint, Making the Most of a Non-Renewable Resource: Seven Essential Time Management Strategies by John Grant, L. Randolph Lowry, Stanley (Stan) C. Feuerberg and Mark Daley is available at

In addition, Skillsoft offers on-demand, instant access to the complete text of thousands of best-in-class books, book summaries, research reports and best practices by leading business publishers. Skillsoft's time management and personal productivity learning assets include:

Through its Leadership Development Channel™ (LDC), Skillsoft also offers best-selling business authors, experts and executives discussing personal productivity and time management, including Laura Stack, David Allen and Peter Bregman. Stack, a well-known time management and productivity expert that works with international leaders, entrepreneurs, salespeople, and professional services firms on improving output, lowering stress, and saving time in the workplace, will be hosting a free webinar on June 20 based on her book What To Do When There's Too Much To Do. For more information please visit:

To learn more about Skillsoft's Business Skills Library and specific assets such as The Importance of Time Management and Personal Productivity Improvement series please visit:

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