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Skillsoft Announces Aussie Leadership Video Series at Perspectives 2010

19 August 2010

SkillSoft, a leading provider of e-learning and performance support solutions, has officially launched a new series of innovative and powerful Leadership Development Channel (LDC) videos which features a notable group of Australian CEOs and corporate thought leaders.

Officially launched at SkillSoft's Perspectives Australia annual user conference, the all-new LDC videos will showcase more than 20 Australian thought leaders and industry experts, which in total, feature over 100 insights from video interviews all providing innovative ideas and powerful points of view to help transform the learning and business landscape for corporate Australia.

The addition of the Australian group of contributors represents a significant milestone for SkillSoft, who continue to expand their LDC series across the globe.

The next six months will also see SkillSoft expand the LDC video series further with more videos being produced with Asian content, specifically from India, Malaysia and Singapore featuring Asian Executives and thought-leaders.

A diverse group of inspiring speakers are featured in the series, including Michael Byrne, CEO of Linfox; John Grant, Managing Director, Data #3; Nick Kugenthiran, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox Australia and Tony Gleeson, Executive Director, CPA Australia.

According to SkillSoft's Shawn Hunter, Executive Producer Leadership Development Channel, the new series of LDC videos is a true showpiece of innovative and powerful commentary by a group of corporate leaders who have taken the time to share their business acumen and experience with SkillSoft and its LDC users.

"At SkillSoft, we are honoured that Australian business leaders of this stature and credibility have invested their time and energy in helping to create this new series which I am confident will be watched and absorbed with enthusiasm by our customers.  These new insights certainly have the capability to help drive positive change in organisations," he said.

According to SkillSoft Regional Director, Australia and New Zealand, Maryanne Puli, the diverse mix of leaders in this new series continues to enhance the overall SkillSoft LDC information bank and creates an important local and regional relevance to Australian and Asia Pacific customers.

"It is a fantastic opportunity to officially launch this new series of LDC videos at Perspectives Australia 2010, where the audience has not only established best-in-class learning environments, but have closely aligned learning with their strategic priorities and business objectives," she said.

"They will undoubtedly gain further business insight with these one-of-a-kind videos."

SkillSoft's Perspectives Australia 2010 conference will include a keynote speaker and business leaders and brings together learning professionals and practitioners from various corporate industries and government agencies to discuss best practices and trends within the technology-enabled learning industry.

Keynote speaker and LDC contributor, Managing Director, Data #3, John Grant, will provide a perspective on the imperative that exists to understand where we sit in the global business community and how investment in innovation and skills will underpin a successful future.