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Skillsoft Introduces Skillport 8 - A Revolutionary Learning Experience

17 July 2012

Skillsoft, an innovative pioneer in the field of learning who provides cloud based learning solutions for its customers worldwide has launched a revolutionary cloud-based learning experience that contextually organises relevant and aligned learning around the user instead of the traditional course-catalogue approach of other Learning Management Systems (LMSs).

Skillport 8 quickly pinpoints targeted content that connects formal, informal, social and mobile learning when, where and how people want to learn. It also transforms web-based learning from a solitary event to a richer, continuous community-oriented experience that has strong cross-generational appeal and can be integrated with Talent Management Systems, intranets and portals.

Skillport 8 features an innovative user interface that gives the learner a unified experience with all their learning content in a friendly, intuitive and highly visual format that is easily accessible from anywhere and from any web-enabled device.

Filters and tools to refine search results make it easier than ever for learners to find the information they need. Learners also have more opportunities to collaborate with others across their organisation through social features like commenting, ratings and recommendations that are embedded throughout Skillport.

"With more than two decades of innovative elearning solutions under our belt, Skillsoft continues to lift the bar of multi-faceted learning with Skillport 8," said Glenn Nott, Skillsoft Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific.

"In the Asia Pacific, our elearning needs are growing at a rapid rate so we are always hungry for innovative and dynamic learning experiences like Skillport 8," he said.

"This latest release of Skillport 8is another exciting chapter for Skillsoft and its enthusiastic users.  Skillsoft prides itself in maximising technologies available to create products that are streamlined and advanced to accommodate a suite of elearners. Skillport 8 has been designed to deliver a superior experience for learners using Skillsoft content; as well as to work in conjunction with another learning management system.

Skillport 8 will also support any content that complies with industry standards including SCORM and AICC. Deploying Skillport is fast and easy a new site in the Skillport learning cloud can be up and running in days, a fraction of the time required for an on-premise solution.

Skillport 8 also features easy-to-use, yet powerful tools for organizing and managing learning objectives allowing learners to make the most of their time. Learners can tailor their experience on Skillport 8 by choosing the content types that best match their needs and preferences.

"Effectively developing the talent of an organisation by the delivery of targeted content drives true performance results," added Nott. "Skillport 8 delivers the most relevant and meaningful content from the best courses, books, videos, simulations and other assets, at the point of need throughout the workflow and talent process in an easy-to-navigate and cloud- based platform."

Skillsoft is targeting Q4 for release of Skillport 8.

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