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Skillsoft Introduces Innovative IT and Desktop Video Collections

9 October 2012

Skillsoft, an innovative pioneer in the field of learning who provides cloud-based learning solutions for its customers worldwide, introduced two new collections of on-demand IT and desktop performance support videos.

The Skillsoft IT and Desktop Videos are informative, 3-5 minutes of targeted learning experiences, covering a variety of desktop and IT topics. The videos, which complement other Skillsoft content and are available on SkillportŪ, Skillsoft's Learning Management System, highlight specific tasks and features, and cover nearly 1,000 topics.

In order to support busy professionals, Skillsoft has made the videos so that they are available on mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. The new collections of videos are a part of Skillsoft's cloud- based learning solutions.

"The new Skillsoft IT and Desktop Videos were created to offer professionals another group of online resources to help them perform their job efficiently," said Skillsoft Asia Pacific's Vice President and Managing Director, Glenn Nott.

"The videos are short in length and easy-to-access so professionals can get the information they need, when and where they need it, to help solve a problem or complete an important task. The videos are a great resource for organisations to quickly address skill gaps, and improve the productivity of their teams.

"The material is easily digestible and concise, which provides an easily accessible solution to time-poor professionals."

The Skillsoft IT and Desktop Videos are the latest additions to Skillsoft's dynamic portfolio of video based learning assets. Skillsoft has been incorporating video into its learning solutions since 2006, initially with the introduction of its media-rich Business Impact and Challenge series products, and most recently with the addition of video in hundreds of its Business Skills courses.

Skillsoft also offers more than 2,000 videos as part of its Leadership Development Channel and 50 Lessons collection, featuring world renowned business and global thought leaders.

Skillsoft introduced 75 videos in September, which address Microsoft Office applications and mobile application development. Additional videos will be made available with a total of nearly 1,000 videos released by the end of January 2013. Topics will include: desktop applications, design & media applications, programming & web development and other IT topics such as security, virtualization and cloud technology.

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