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Skillsoft Announces 2013 Perspectives Australia and New Zealand Innovation Awards

21 August 2013

Skillsoft has announced the five winners who received top elearning and industry honours during its annual Perspectives Australia and New Zealand Conference.

The Innovation Awards honoured Australia and New Zealand Skillsoft customers for their major achievements in elearning, acknowledging dynamic concepts and motivating leaders who are helping to enhance the learning platform.

The two-day Skillsoft Perspectives Australia and New Zealand Conference is attended by more than 150 attendees, representing over 100 companies, from major corporations including Deloitte, Linfox, Telstra, Westpac and Accor Hotels.

The awards are judged by a panel of industry experts, including Dorman Woodall, Director of Skillsoft Learning, Skillsoft; Kendall Kerekes, Vice President, Human Capital, Knowledge Advisors Inc.; Kieran King, Global Director, Loyalty Strategy, Skillsoft; Rob Clarke, Founder, LearnX Foundation; and Sean Curtin, Director, Talent Management, Asia Pacific, Skillsoft.

According to Skillsoft Asia Pacific's Vice President and Managing Director, Glenn Nott, this year's contenders continued to raise the bar in creating and sustaining organic and dynamic elearning strategies that fuelled their business on so many levels.

"Innovation by name and by nature these awards truly translate how our clients value and deliver on first-class elearning platforms to their employees and what role learning plays for business confidence and success," he said.

"The Skillsoft Innovation Awards recognize and acknowledge organisations that have made significant contributions to their business through differentiated and effective elearning approaches. They are true advocates to what successful elearning stands for learning that is active, flexible, scalable and value for money."

According to Rob Clarke, Founder of the LearnX Foundation and regional industry conferences, despite the diverse suite of elearning strategies amongst the submissions, all had one common goal to create and sustain innovation in their learning that transcended the business and where personal and professional growth amongst employees is a priority.

The 2013 Perspectives Australia and New Zealand Innovation Award winners are:

The annual Skillsoft Perspectives Australia and New Zealand Conference brings together Skillsoft customers to network, engage and learn from each other and enables learning professionals from across business, government and education to gather and discuss 21st century leadership qualities and direction.

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