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MetaLib and SFX from Ex Libris to Provide Access to Books24x7 On-Line Referenceware

Integration Brings Wider Search Capabilities to Academic Libraries through Powerful Unified Interface

BOSTON, Massachusetts, January 15, 2003 — Ex Libris is pleased to announce that the Books24x7 ITPro and BusinessPro Referenceware libraries are now accessible through MetaLib, the Ex Libris library portal. Additionally, direct links to Books24x7 content are available through the SFX context-sensitive linking server. The integration of the two companies' products facilitates users’ access to the more than 3,000 unabridged books and documents available through Books24x7, a subsidiary of SkillSoft PLC.

With the federated search capabilities afforded by the standardized interface of MetaLib, users can now search and access Books24x7 content along with a variety of other print and electronic resources, such as catalogs, digital repositories, and reference databases. The open, Web-services architecture of the Books24x7 product and its unique, patent-pending search engine simplify its integration with and accessibility by remote, authorized systems such as MetaLib.

"MetaLib and Books24x7 are revolutionizing research by offering simultaneous, seamless searching of the full content of e-books in Books24x7 as well as of e journals, citation databases, and a variety of other electronic and print resources,” said Chandra McKenzie, assistant provost and director of libraries at Rochester Institute of Technology, an Ex Libris and Books24x7 customer. “This capability increases our users' research base, saves them from searching each resource separately, and lessens the need for library instruction. It also maximizes the library's investment in Books24x7 by offering additional access points beyond the native Web interface. The bottom line is increased user satisfaction."

“By adding the extensive Books24x7 libraries to the growing list of resources accessible via MetaLib, we provide MetaLib users with integrated access to yet another significant resource in the scholarly environment,” says Jenny Walker, director of sales and marketing of the Ex Libris Information Services Division. “The XML gateway of Books24x7 fits easily into the flexible MetaLib interfacing mechanism.”

“Our integration with MetaLib and SFX reinforces our commitment to the library market,” said Scott Doan, director of library sales for Books24x7. “We believe this partnership, which demonstrates the power of Web-services technology, will increase the value of our offering to academic institutions and to individual users.”

About Books24x7
Books24x7, a subsidiary of SkillSoft Corporation (Nasdaq: SKIL), offers subscription clients online access to more than 3,000 unabridged IT and business books and documents. Approximately 25 to 45 titles are added to the libraries each week. The patent-pending Books24x7 technology platform enables users to pinpoint business-critical information quickly by performing multi-tier, online searches of the company’s Referenceware collections: ITPro, BusinessPro, and OfficeEssentials. Clients include approximately 220 academic libraries, including: University of Toronto, Stanford University, DePaul University, Ohio State University, and MIT. The company has relationships with more than 85 leading publishers, including Oxford University Press, Harvard Business School Publishing, McGraw-Hill, Microsoft Press, Sybex, and John Wiley and Sons. For more information, visit

About Ex Libris
Ex Libris is a leading worldwide developer of high-performance applications for libraries, information centers, and researchers. A multinational company, Ex Libris has offices around the world. ALEPH, the Ex Libris integrated library solution, has been installed at over 750 sites in 50 countries. MetaLib, the information portal for library collections, and SFX, the context-sensitive linking solution for heterogeneous electronic resources in the scholarly information environment—the new Ex Libris products—have been purchased by more than 300 customers worldwide. The Ex Libris product suite also includes DigiTool, a solution for constructing digital collections as components of an overall digital strategy. For more information about Ex Libris, please see