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Cisco IINS 3.0: Cisco ASA Access Control and Service Policies

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It is easy to simply focus on protecting the endpoints and the servers, however the control, management, and data planes of infrastructure devices are huge points of vulnerability that are often overlooked. The Cisco IOS provides control plane security features for networking devices. These security features can protect your network against degradation or failure as well as against data loss or compromise caused by attacks or unintended mistakes by network users. This course covers control plan protection and routing protocol authentication.

Target Audience
This course is directed towards networking professionals who need to understand common security concepts and deploy basic security techniques using a variety of popular security solutions including IOS routers, IOS switches, Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances and Windows and Linux hosts. This course is also designed for security practitioners who want to pass the IINS 3.0 exam.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Cisco IINS 3.0: Cisco ASA Access Control and Service Policies

  • start the course
  • describe interface access rules
  • describe how to configure interface access rules
  • configure interface access rules
  • implement configuring interface access rules
  • describe object groups
  • describe and create a service object group
  • describe and use object groups with access rules
  • describe Cisco ASA modular policy framework
  • describe the configuration tasks
  • describe creating a service policy rule
  • describe the policy-map global policy
  • describe the service policy rules
  • describe network objects
  • create a network object group
  • assign an ACL to allow DMZ access
  • describe how to deny all connections from a DMZ
  • describe how to limit access to the DMZ
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