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EBS Snapshots, Monitoring, and Logging

Target Audience
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In this course, you'll learn when and how to work with EBS volume snapshots. This course also covers monitoring and logging through CloudWatch.

Target Audience
Individuals and organizations seeking to gain insight as to how Amazon Web Services can benefit them


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

EBS Snapshots, Monitoring, and Logging

  • start the course
  • describe the purpose of snapshots
  • create a virtual machine snapshot
  • use a snapshot as the source of a new EBS volume
  • use an EBS snapshot to restore a VM
  • use the CLI to create an EBS snapshot
  • use PowerShell to create an EBS snapshot
  • describe how CloudWatch is used to monitor AWS resources
  • enable EC2 virtual machine monitoring using CloudWatch
  • enable alarms when the AWS charges reach a specific value
  • recognize how CloudWatch logging works
  • identify the purpose of CloudTrail
  • download and install the latest SSM agent for Windows Server 2016 EC2 instances
  • configure the Windows EC2 service to send Windows log data to CloudWatch
  • locate logs and metrics in CloudWatch sent from EC2 instances
  • quickly monitor AWS operation health using a CloudWatch dashboard
  • manage EBS snapshots and configure CloudWatch
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