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Core Services on AWS

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AWS provides multiple services that address all needs of an online application.It provides a comprehensive platform from which to provide web applications with high-availability.In this course you will learn about services and features to enable you to host your service with confidence.

Target Audience
Personnel at all levels of an enterprise who perform a Developer role


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Core Services on AWS

  • start the course
  • describe the features of the standard AWS VPC
  • create an AWS Virtual Private Cloud and define its network
  • control access to your services
  • securing your network services
  • create and configure a VPC
  • launch an EC2 instance from an AMI
  • make use of Amazon EBS for storage and create snapshots
  • distribute application requests across multiple instances
  • scale server numbers to meet application load
  • manage the configuration of your application
  • describe DynamoDB table structure
  • identify indexes on DynamoDB tables
  • select the level of data consistency when accessing records
  • set required throughput on a table
  • design and work with DynamoDB tables effectively
  • read, write, and modify data contained in a DynamoDB table
  • monitor AWS log files
  • monitor AWS API calls
  • get notifications and take actions based on S3 events
  • take actions and receive notifications based on DynamoDB events
  • execute pieces of code in response to AWS events
  • publish and monitor your application API
  • use AWS Lambda to execute code on demand
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