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Designing Azure Networking

Target Audience
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This course will help prepare you for the 70-534 exam, which will test the candidate's abilities in configuring Azure networking components to allow connectivity within and to the Azure cloud.

Target Audience
IT professionals responsible for planning and deploying Azure virtual machines and applications in a secure manner


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Designing Azure Networking

  • start the course
  • list components used to configure Azure networking
  • describe when and how VNets and subnets are created
  • deploy an Azure VPC and subnet
  • outline various Azure VPN connectivity options
  • explain how ExpressRoute works
  • explain Azure DNS offerings
  • use the Azure portal to configure DNS settings
  • describe how network interfaces are assigned IP addresses through DHCP
  • use the Azure portal to configure a Static IP reservation
  • explain network security group usage
  • create and associate a network security group
  • explain the purpose of user defined routes
  • configure a user defined route using the Azure portal
  • deploy an Azure VPC, subnet, and network security group
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