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AWS: Storage

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All AWS services are affected by storage in one way or another. This course covers storage for EC2 virtual machines, general S3 storage, as well as longer-term storage through Glacier.

Target Audience
Individuals and organizations seeking to gain insight as to how Amazon Web Services can benefit them


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

AWS: Storage

  • identify AWS storage concepts
  • choose when to use S3
  • use the AWS management console to create an S3 bucket
  • get data into and out of an S3 bucket
  • set S3 bucket properties
  • upload files to S3 and configure a web site endpoint
  • describe the AWS elastic file system
  • create an elastic file system
  • manage elastic file system properties
  • describe the AWS elastic block store
  • create an elastic block store volume
  • manage an elastic block store volume
  • discuss the benefit of long-term storage using Glacier
  • determine which Glacier settings ensure regulatory compliance
  • configure Glacier settings in accordance with regulations
  • integrate on-premises and AWS file access
  • determine which AWS storage solution best fits a business need
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