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Data Warehousing

Target Audience
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Data Warehousing allows you to fully manage and scale a cloud service solution. Data Warehousing topics such as data loading, distributed data, and hybrid data sources are covered in this course.

Target Audience
Database professionals interested in working with hybrid/cloud solutions, and individuals who are preparing to take the 70-473 exam


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Data Warehousing

  • start the course
  • describe data warehousing
  • configure a data warehouse solution on Azure
  • migrate an on-premises database to SQL Data Warehouse
  • implement a data load strategy
  • demonstrate how to use data warehousing tools such as traditional SQL tools, cloud-based tools, and third-party tools
  • describe data warehouse workloads
  • describe distributed data
  • recognize steps to achieve optimal data warehouse performance using data warehouse units
  • describe how to best protect data in data warehousing
  • describe hybrid data sources such as PolyBase
  • recognize the importance of a service level agreement
  • demonstrate how to implement a data warehouse solution
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