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Domain-Specific Tools in R

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There is a wide variety of support libraries in R to help you perform tasks such as rendering, documentation, referencing, string manipulation, and library management. In this course, you'll explore a range of domain-specific tools in R.

Target Audience
Individuals with some R and data science experience working toward a wider degree of knowledge in using R for data science


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Domain-Specific Tools in R

  • start the course
  • explore the libraries included in the tidyverse collection
  • use the stringr library to manipulate strings
  • use the forcats library for factors in R
  • use the purrr library for functional programming in R
  • use the shiny library for building web apps from R
  • create a plot using R and the shiny library
  • use the DT library in R to use a JavaScript DataTable
  • explore the elements of an R Markdown file (.rmd)
  • render an html document from R Markdown
  • render a LaTeX document from R Markdown
  • use knitr to dynamically generate reports in R Markdown
  • use bibtex citations from R Markdown
  • create an R Markdown file (.rmd) and render the output as html
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