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Apache Solr - Query and Data Management

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The core functionality of Apache Solr is the retrieval of information from a Solr collection. Through discussion and demonstration, this course focuses on searching or querying a Solr collection – including search parameters and faceted search techniques. In addition, the course covers data management, importing data from a structured data source, and the deployment of the SolrCloud service.

Target Audience
Web application developers; database designers and administrators; big data managers and administrators


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Apache Solr - Query and Data Management

  • start the course
  • update existing collection data
  • remove data object from a Solr
  • describe the components of Solr search engine
  • describe Solr query parameters
  • query Solr data using command line utilities or browsers using RESTful request
  • search for items in Solr via the Solr Administration console (portal)
  • search for items using phrases
  • search for two or more items
  • describe facet-based searching using Solr
  • create, run, and examine field-based facet queries
  • create, run, and examine number range-based facet queries
  • create, run, and examine a pivot-based facet query
  • create, run, and examine a geo-special facet
  • describe structured data import to Apache Solr
  • create a DIH configuration file
  • import structured data to a Solr index from a database
  • describe the architecture of a SolrCloud deployment
  • Work with a SolrCloud deployment
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