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Yammer for Business Users: Using Yammer

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Yammer provides a centralized location for business users to interact with colleagues and teams to collaborate on projects. It allows for internal as well as external members to join into groups to share information, including messages, files, and notes. In this course, you will learn about the Yammer #Topics feature that allows you to follow specific content that is posted. You'll also explore the Yammer features used by business users, such as groups, posts, notes, files, #Topics to collaborate with colleagues.

Target Audience
Business users looking to familiarize themselves with Yammer and its features


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Yammer for Business Users: Using Yammer

  • start the course
  • describe the features of Yammer for business users
  • sign up and activate your account to join the network
  • identify the different pages of the Yammer interface
  • update your profile and settings within Yammer
  • download and use the Yammer Desktop Notifier and the mobile app
  • create public and private groups in Yammer, as well as invite people to your group
  • discover and join groups in Yammer
  • post public and private messages, like and share posts, and reply to and delete messages in Yammer
  • follow and create #Topics in Yammer
  • use the search feature in Yammer to find people, groups, and content
  • create a poll in Yammer
  • praise group members in Yammer
  • upload and share files in Yammer, including adding comments, following, and versioning
  • create and edit notes in Yammer, including adding links to URLs, files, and people and versioning
  • log in to and use Yammer to interact with business colleagues
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