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SSIS Packages

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SSIS in SQL Server 2014 allows for dynamic packages and to enable values within the package to be manually set, depending on your requirements at execution time. In this course, you will learn about designing SSIS packages.

Target Audience
Data warehouse developers and database administrators who create and manage business intelligence solutions as part of their daily tasks, which include implementing data warehouse databases, extracting and transforming data as part of an ETL solution, and data cleansing


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

SSIS Packages

  • start the course
  • design dynamic SSIS packages
  • implement package configurations for files
  • implement package configurations for SQL tables
  • use expressions
  • implement package and project parameters
  • describe project level connection managers
  • set connection manager properties using expressions
  • configure packages in SSIS for different environments
  • configure the following packages: xmlconfiguration file, SQL Server table, registry entry, parent package variables, and environment variables
  • implement project and package level parameters
  • use project connection managers
  • use expressions to set property values
  • create SSIS packages with logic
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