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Creating and Managing Diagrams In Visio 2016

Target Audience
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Visio 2016 allows you to create different types of diagrams using its wide range of formatting and design features. This course discusses and explores the various features and shows you how to add and modify shapes, use shape stencils, and insert and format text. This course also covers how to connect shapes and arrange shapes and objects in Visio 2016.

Target Audience
Individual and business users who have basic computer knowledge and are looking to be proficient in Microsoft Visio 2016


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Creating and Managing Diagrams In Visio 2016

  • start the course
  • add a shape to a diagram using basic drawing tools in Vision 2016
  • use stencils to add shapes to diagrams in Visio 2016
  • modify shapes in a diagram in Visio 2016
  • create and save a custom stencil in Visio 2016
  • add text to a diagram in Visio 2016
  • copy and paste text and shapes in a Visio 2016 diagram
  • insert special characters in Visio 2016
  • format text in a Visio 2016 diagram
  • connect shapes in a Visio 2016 diagram
  • customize the appearance of connectors in Visio 2016
  • arrange shapes using alignment, positioning, and grouping options in Visio 2016
  • add shapes using basic drawing tools and stencils and add and format text shapes in Visio 2016
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