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Collaborating and Using Visio 2007 With Other Programs

Target Audience
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Visio 2007 is a powerful collaboration tool that allows the user to to show content from other applications and also allows content in Visio to be linked to other types of files. This course will show how to link, embed, import and export content and drawings in order to allow for collaboration with other programs while using Visio 2007.

Target Audience
Knowledge of basic word processing and computing; familiarity with the Microsoft Windows and Office environments.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Collaborating and Using Visio 2007 With Other Programs

  • add and review markup comments
  • add markup changes to the original diagram
  • turn on markup and add shapes and comments
  • update original drawing with changes
  • insert hyperlinks
  • create links between Visio and other applications
  • embed files and shapes into Visio 2007
  • edit an embedded diagram
  • link a Visio diagram to a Word document
  • insert a hyperlink
  • embed a Visio file in a Word document
  • import a graphic into Visio
  • export shapes and drawings
  • import a graphic into a Visio diagram
  • export a Visio 2007 diagram
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