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Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010

Target Audience
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PowerPoint 2010 is a presentation program that allows you to create professional-looking slide-show presentations. This course provides an introduction to the main components of the PowerPoint 2010 interface. It covers opening and saving a presentation, working with slides, formatting text and text boxes, and using templates and themes to create professional looking presentations.

Target Audience
Individuals and business users with basic computer literacy

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Getting Started with PowerPoint 2010

  • identify key elements of the PowerPoint 2010 interface
  • change the view of a presentation
  • open, save, and close a PowerPoint presentation
  • recognize methods for opening a PowerPoint presentation
  • open a PowerPoint 2010 template
  • add and format text and text boxes on a PowerPoint slide
  • manipulate slides in a PowerPoint presentation
  • open a presentation and format text boxes
  • organize slides and save a PowerPoint presentation
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