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Managing Automation, Storage, and Tidying Up in Outlook 2016

Target Audience
Expected Duration
Lesson Objectives
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Outlook 2016 includes automated features that help users manage the large amounts of messages they receive on a regular basis. In this course, you will learn about working with automation, including creating, running, and creating Outlook rules, and configuring auto-reply rules and out-of-office replies. The course also covers managing conversations and storage, and using cleanup tools in Outlook 2016.

Target Audience
End users; business users; IT administrators; business decision makers looking to attain competency in Microsoft Outlook 2016


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Managing Automation, Storage, and Tidying Up in Outlook 2016

  • start the course
  • create a new rule in Outlook 2016
  • configure a custom rule in Outlook 2016
  • run a rule in Outlook 2016
  • customize and delete rules in Outlook 2016
  • configure out-of-office replies in Outlook 2016
  • configure automatic message reply rules in Outlook 2016
  • ignore specific conversations in Outlook 2016
  • clean up conversations in Outlook 2016
  • configure and use the mailbox cleanup and empty deleted items folder features in Outlook 2016
  • manage junk e-mails in Outlook 2016
  • configure the archive feature in Outlook 2016
  • create and configure data files in Outlook 2016
  • manage rules and conversations and use cleanup tools in Outlook 2016
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