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Managing Hardware and Advanced Options in Windows 8

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Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest version of the Microsoft Windows PC desktop operating system. This version represents a significant upgrade, which incorporates a default Windows 8 tablet style interface. The more conventional Windows desktop will be still available, which is quite like Windows 7 but with a number of upgrades. This course will introduce learners to the various ways they can configure hardware and advanced options as well as exploring some of the security features of Windows 8. Specific topics covered include printers, monitors and devices, advanced features, security features included in Windows 8, and managing network connections in Windows 8.

Target Audience
Business end users new to Windows, or existing Windows users who are new to Windows 8

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Lesson Objectives

Managing Hardware and Advanced Options in Windows 8

  • manage printers, monitors, and devices
  • understand how to protect your system from unauthorized access
  • enable BitLocker on a volume
  • perform a system scan using Windows Defender
  • recognize how to maintain your operating system
  • configure power options for a given scenario
  • manage network connections using the Network and Sharing and Center
  • configure and manage a Windows 8 environment
  • secure a Windows 8 system
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