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Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Cortana

Target Audience
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Windows 10 is all about streamlining, and simplifying everyday tasks. In keeping with that philosophy, Windows 10 introduces an intelligent personal assistant called Cortana. Among Cortana's many functions, it can schedule appointments, search on your computer and the Internet, and even tell jokes. This course provides an overview of the tasks available when interacting with Cortana, as well as configuration options to customize Cortana to better assist you when using your Windows 10 system. This course is one of a series that covers the features and capabilities of the new Windows 10 operating system.

Target Audience
End users who are already using, or will be using, Microsoft Windows 10 operating system for their devices or PCs.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Microsoft Windows 10 End User: Cortana

  • start the course
  • access the settings for Cortana and personalize Cortana's reactions
  • use Cortana to get directions and map details
  • identify the integration options available between Cortana and other Microsoft applications
  • use Cortana to perform web searches on your behalf
  • use Cortana to set reminders on a Windows 10 device
  • use Cortana to make a telephone call to a contact
  • use Cortana to send text messages
  • use Cortana to enter calendar entries
  • use Cortana to set an alarm
  • use Cortana to send an e-mail
  • use Cortana to locate music on a device, or identify a song currently playing
  • use Cortana to check the local weather reports
  • set voice commands, alarms, meeting reminders, and calendar entries, and send an e-mail using Cortana in Windows 10
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