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IBM Memory Analyzer and Visualizer

Target Audience
Expected Duration
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Memory issues can drastically affect the performance of Java applications. In this course, you will learn about the Memory Analyzer tools that will help resolve memory issues.

Target Audience
Individuals, including software developers, testers, devops, and systems operators interested in application performance engineering concepts and tools


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

IBM Memory Analyzer and Visualizer

  • start the course
  • recognize key features of the IBM Memory Analyzer, including system requirements and how it relates to the Eclipse Memory Analyzer
  • install the Memory Analyzer tool using IBM Support Assistant Tools Administration
  • run Memory Analyzer and open a heap dump
  • recognize key aspects of the Overview tab, including drilling down through a slice of the pie chart
  • generate a histogram and use the functionality within the context menu
  • group histogram by class, by class loader, and by package, and distinguish between these three methods
  • use the Class Loader Explorer
  • use the Dominator Tree display
  • use the Path to GC Roots
  • generate a leak report
  • recognize key features of the IBM Garbage Collection and Memory Visualizer Tool including system requirements
  • install and run the GC and Memory Visualizer tool using IBM Support Assistant Workbench, and load application verbose gc output data
  • navigate key features of the GCMV interface
  • view Logs, Tables, and Graphs
  • perform basic application performance analysis using Java and IBM performance analysis tools
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