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PowerShell 5.0 Remote Management

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The ability to remotely run commands on a group of remote systems is one of the key advantages of Windows PowerShell 5.0. This course covers Windows PowerShell one-to-one and one-to-many remoting.

Target Audience
IT professionals and administrators with experience using and managing Windows and Windows Server


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

PowerShell 5.0 Remote Management

  • start the course.
  • demonstrate how to work with the command pipeline
  • demonstrate how to manipulate the command pipeline
  • describe the PowerShell ISE, DOT syntax, color hinting, and IntelliSense
  • demonstrate how to sort pipeline output
  • describe remoting architecture and its uses
  • describe basic functionality of remoting architecture
  • describe how to enable PowerShell remoting
  • describe one-to-one remoting
  • demonstrate how to perform one-to-one remoting
  • describe the features of one-to-many remoting
  • describe the difference between serial and parallel remoting
  • demonstrate basic usage of invoke-command and one-to-many remoting
  • describe scripting considerations with one-to-many remoting
  • describe how to work with trusted hosts
  • describe the various considerations and common remoting mistakes with PowerShell
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