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Pursuing Successful Lifelong Learning

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Today's successful individual understands that the business world is constantly changing the way people work and the way work is accomplished. How often have you heard these terms: lifelong learning, self-directed learning, continuous learning, and knowledge worker? If you wonder what these terms really mean, why they are important, and how you rate as a worker and learner for the 21st century, then this course is for you. Find out how lifelong learning strategies can enable you to develop your work skills and to manage your professional development. Don't wait until your supervisor initiates what you need to learn. It's time to take ownership of your learning needs based on your expectations and your own terms. In this course, you will identify your learning needs and learn how to establish learning objectives, determine learning resources, and evaluate outcomes.

Target Audience
Employees who want to take responsibility for their own learning

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Lesson Objectives

Pursuing Successful Lifelong Learning

  • recognize the importance of identifying learning needs and establishing learning objectives.
  • complete the career assessment section of a learning plan in a given scenario.
  • identify examples of effective learning objectives for a specific goal.
  • recognize the importance of formulating a learning strategy and means for evaluation.
  • complete the learning strategy section of a learning plan in a given scenario.
  • identify the statement that best judges the adequacy of a completed means for evaluation section of a learning plan.
  • recognize the value of working with a mentor.
  • identify the desired qualities displayed by a mentor in a given scenario.
  • identify the desired qualities displayed by a protege in a given scenario.
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