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SAP BusinessObjects: Overview

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One of the most valuable assets an enterprise can possess is data - information acquired and stored in the process of carrying out everyday business activities. This includes data regarding customers and potential customers, employee-related information, data gathered concerning competitors, and information pertaining to products. In order to take full advantage of its information assets, an enterprise must be able to store and utilize data wisely. The SAP BusinessObjects suite of applications provides the enterprise with a comprehensive set of reporting and analysis tools that enables timely and accurate presentation of data, including that obtained from SAP and non-SAP information stores.

Target Audience
Individuals, such as managers and project team members, who are responsible for extracting and analyzing information using SAP BusinessObjects

Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

SAP BusinessObjects: Overview

  • match SAP BusinessObjects solution categories with their corresponding tools
  • match the Crystal Reports field menu options with corresponding descriptions of when they would be used
  • match ad hoc reporting and analysis concepts with their corresponding definitions
  • recognize features of SAP BusinessObjects dashboard applications
  • recognize features of various BusinessObjects tools
  • recognize the procedure for creating a financial report using Desktop Intelligence
  • recognize how to use features of a reporting tool to fulfill user requirements
  • recognize how Web Intelligence features are used to meet user requirements
  • create reports using BusinessObjects tools
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