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Configuring Tomcat and PHP

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Tomcat takes user input and generates dynamic content using Java code. PHP is a commonly used server-side web app scripting language. This course will explain how these web application components are configured and used.

Target Audience
Developers and system administrators interested in gaining insight as to how LAMP stack components interact together to provide web solutions


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Configuring Tomcat and PHP

  • start the course
  • categorize the variations of Java in use by web applications today
  • identify how Tomcat is used for Java support in a web environment
  • perform common Tomcat configuration tasks
  • define Tomcat logging details
  • view Tomcat log entries
  • recognize basic PHP syntax
  • recognize how PHP functions are used
  • create PHP scripts that use built-in functions
  • identify when to use a specific looping construct
  • create a loop within a PHP script
  • identify how PHP URL parameters are used
  • create a PHP script that extracts URL data
  • create a PHP form
  • perform common tasks using PHP MyAdmin
  • recognize the power of connecting PHP and MySQL
  • connect to MySQL from PHP code
  • perform common Tomcat and PHP management tasks
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