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iRise Editor Basics

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Being able to assemble interactive mockups in seconds and build working prototypes with no code is a huge advantage to product managers. iRise allows users to create these simulations which help teams visually understand the design, provide feedback on the user experience, and actually use and test. In this course, you will review prototypes, learn how to use the Definition Center, and work with the Editor to create simulations.

Target Audience
Any user interested in creating software simulations with iRise


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

iRise Editor Basics

  • start the course
  • use iRise Editor and iRise Studio to create prototypes
  • view the guides and requirements for prototypes
  • describe the different functionalities of the definition center
  • use the definition center to manage projects
  • configure the project roles and permissions on projects
  • use the analytics, engagement, and custom reporting tabs
  • use the definition center to export code
  • describe the different types of guides and create a new guide for a project
  • describe how to use and manage comments
  • use the document text to annotate a simulation
  • describe the different features of the iRise Editor
  • use the Definition Center to assign roles and remove access for a project
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