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Advanced Selecting, Theming, and Plugins

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Although jQuery and jQuery UI provide a significant number of tools, plugins, and helpers for most web development tasks, sometimes, you need to take it to the next level. In this course, you will learn about advanced selecting for DOM manipulation, theming components to give a web site a natural and consistent feel, and how to create your own plugins when having a custom solution is required.

Target Audience
Web developers who are experienced with jQuery, jQuery UI, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Advanced Selecting, Theming, and Plugins

  • start the course
  • select elements by attribute and use selector expressions
  • use filters like :eq(), :first, :last to select elements
  • work with child filters to select elements
  • use the content filters :contains(), :empty, :has(), and :parent to select elements
  • use form filters to select input form elements
  • use ThemeRoller to download a theme and apply it to widgets
  • use the gallery to view, select, and download a preconfigured theme from the Gallery
  • use a downloaded theme on a set of elements
  • create a theme manually from the ThemeRoller web site
  • use layout helpers and widget containers to apply themes and styles manually
  • apply interaction state and cue classes to elements
  • use ui-icon class to include icon elements
  • use the ui-front class and z-index to stack elements
  • distinguish between widgets and plugins and when each should be used
  • find plugins to solve common problems
  • use a third-party plugin
  • create a simple plugin
  • use jQuery boilerplate to create a simple plugin
  • publish a jQuery boilerplate plugin
  • use a plugin to alter the theming done to a widget in multiple buttons
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