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Data Flow, Consuming, and Transmitting Data

Target Audience
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Lesson Objectives
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This course will cover important aspects in program flow including consuming and transmitting data with HTML5. In addition, this course will introduce the use of Ajax to assist you with preparing for the Microsoft 70-480 exam.

Target Audience
Experienced web and software developers who are interested in taking the Microsoft 70-480 exam


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Data Flow, Consuming, and Transmitting Data

  • start the course
  • recognize various expressions, switch statements, and collection arrays
  • recognize how to handle common events exposed by DOM, bubbled, and anonymous functions
  • implement exception handling using catch and null checks
  • define Ajax and how it relates to JavaScript
  • recognize how to use XMLHTTPRequest
  • recognize how to consume XML data
  • recognize how to consume JSON data
  • define serializing and deserializing and how they're used to consume data
  • recognize how to send data in HTML5
  • recognize how to track the progress of data
  • recognize how to use JSON.stringify and JSON.parse to handle data, and recognize how jQuery serialization works
  • recognize the process of consuming and sending data using various processes
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