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As a respected elearning provider, Skillsoft brings you the most sought-after business minds from leading business school faculty and corporate leadership in our courses, videos, books and live events. Our certification mentors are highly regarded in fields like IT, project management, VMWare, Cisco systems and Microsoft technical. For insights into best strategic practices, there’s Skillsoft ExecBlueprints™ and Skillsoft ExecSummaries helps the busiest among us stay current with the latest business books.

The Welch Way presented by Skillsoft

The Welch Way presented by Skillsoft

As one of the most successful business leaders of all time, Jack Welch knows what it takes to motivate people, get results, and make organizations win. With the Welch Way Management Training Program, we give your team everything they need to do the same, and do it now.

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Project Cost Management and Project Quality

Learn how to define and sequence activities, estimate activity resources and duration, and develop and control the project schedule.

Length: 01:00:00

Skillsoft Mentoring Services

Skillsoft Mentoring Services

Skillsoft mentor's are available online 24x7x365 for support, guidance and encouragement for learners preparing for our most popular certifications.

Length: 4 pages