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EngineeringAble Engineering & Component Servicesmore informationDownload

Able Engineering & Component Services

With Skillsoft, Able rolled out Welch Way to the entire leadership team including three business units, and institutionalized accountability for applying the principles and reporting affected business outcomes. In addition, Able developed an online business management operating system called Execute to Win (ETW) to systemize Welch Way ideology and methodologies into every corner of the organization.

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EducationARPCTmore informationDownload


Thanks to the breadth and depth of Skillsoft's course offerings, staff no longer have the burden of becoming experts in various business and technology topics. ARPCT introduced Skillsoft IT Skills Courseware Collection, Skillsoft Desktop Skills Courseware Collection, Skillsoft Business Skills Courseware Collection and Skillport LMS.

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Electronic-ComponentsBrocademore informationDownload


Working with Skillsoft's Custom Development Team, Brocade created two standard certifications: a sales certification, which covers, among other things, compliance with Brocade's Code of Conduct, Sales Incentive Compensation Primary Sales Plan and certain quarterly sales activities, and a Code of Conduct (COC) certification for new hires.

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Business-ServicesCarrington Holding Company, LLCmore informationDownload

Carrington Holding Company, LLC

Carrington partnered with Skillsoft to develop a business case. Carrington utilized their Skillsoft representative and learning strategist, to create the case and to get the new Carrington Education Portal running quickly and effectively. By starting with mandatory compliance training, Carrington positioned Skillport as the "Google of Learning," encouraging users to access it for their own professional development.

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TelecommunicationsCbeyondmore informationDownload


With Skillsoft, Cbeyond created a 12-week training program using Skillsoft Live Learning IT certification resources as the content. To create awareness about the program Skillsoft partnered with Cbeyond to launch a marketing campaign that included lunch and learns, Yammer, and open application. This was so effective Cbeyond needed to develop a rigorous selection process for learning participation.

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Business-ServicesCGImore informationDownload


Learn how CGI partnered with Skillsoft to deliver a "Learning Everywhere" site, featuring examples of experiential learning activities and Skillsoft's New Habit Calendar and how all eLearning courses, videos and books were a click away for members identifying their individual learning style and planning their professional and personal development.

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Computer-ServicesCompTIAmore informationDownload


Skillsoft donated its IT Skills Courseware collection, delivered through Skillport, SkillSoft's LMS. The IT Skills Courseware includes engaging and interactive instruction for hundreds of IT certifications. To practice the skills presented in the courses, students used IT certification manuals which offer information on emerging certifications and technologies, as well as practice certifications exams in order to test their knowledge in a test simulated environment.

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Business-ServicesCrane Worldwide Logisticsmore informationDownload

Crane Worldwide Logistics

Crane partnered with Skillsoft to introduce a number of Learning Programs that pull together four courses grouped around a particular theme. These programs cover a variety of topics from Microsoft Office Products, to Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance, to courses that target advanced management skills orpersonal productivity.

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MiningJoy Globalmore informationDownload

Joy Global

Skillsoft's videos, courses, simulations and other training assets form the basis of a world-class training infrastructure. To ensure the greatest number of employees derive maximum value from the learning investment, Joy Global automatically imports Skillsoft content multiple times per month to keep assets current.

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Energy-UtilitiesManitoba Hydromore informationDownload

Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro rounded out its eLearning portfolio with Skillsoft Leadership Advantage, a collection of focused resources targeting essential leadership and management skills. By integrating these assets into targeted learning tracks employees who used the content realized a 30 percent increase in skill level.

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Business-ServicesMenashamore informationDownload


When Menasha adopted the Welch Way program, a partnership with Skillsoft and the Jack Welch Management Institute, learning leaders recognized that they couldn't roll this first leadership development program out alone and contracted Skillsoft's Leadership Services team to help implement the program.

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HospitalityOdawa Casino Resortmore informationDownload

Odawa Casino Resort

With Skillsoft Select package The Odawa Casino designed a program of courses on relevant topics. They implemented the Skillport Learning Management System (LMS) ensuring employees access to learning around the clock. Skillsoft also helped identify courses that supported the skills evaluated in Odawa's performance review; employees can now come away from reviews with training options to help them improve, if needed.

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SportsPGA of Americamore informationDownload

PGA of America

With Skillsoft the PGA designed a highly effective custom course curriculum, with a major emphasis placed on an intuitive, clean user experience. They also developed the "Next step" continuum as courses which were all aligned to support certification and career objectives.

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Financial-ServicesSecurity Service Federal Credit Unionmore informationDownload

Security Service Federal Credit Union

Together, SSFCU and Skillsoft built a formal learning strategy centered around four unique career paths aimed at supporting employee success while bettering the overall knowledge of the organization, with the ability to track and report progress at each phase.

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TelecommunicationsSprintmore informationDownload


The KnowledgeAdvisors measurement platform was implemented to automate learning analytics so Sprint could manage its Skillsoft program with rigorous datasets and industry benchmarks. Sprint implemented the Metrics That Matter SmartSheet evaluation process. Because of that, learners now receive a survey that captures inputs from all five levels of learning evaluation including reaction, learning, application, business impact, and ROI.

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Business-ServicesTata Consultancy Servicesmore informationDownload

Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the largest IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization in Asia. In 1999, TCS allied with Skillsoft and has since enriched its online learning delivery system, helping to provide comprehensive learning solutions. The alliance has helped learning at TCS mature from being merely aligned and integrated with the business to being optimized and deployed enterprise-wide.

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TelecommunicationsTELUSmore informationDownload


Skillsoft moved TELUS to the new Human Capital Management suite which included a migration to Jam, integrating all social conversations, videos, wikis and blogs into one platform. Skillsoft then tilized a blended learning approach encompassing both formal and informal learning and implemented the Skillsoft Leadership Advantage and SkillChoice.

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InsuranceThe Economical Insurance Groupmore informationDownload

The Economical Insurance Group

Working with Skillsoft's Custom Development Services team, TEIG's training developers created approximately 30 custom courses that parallel the company's products, services and code of conduct and made them available to allemployees, with plans to add more in the upcoming years. After equipping its work force with learning and development tools and resources, the company finds its employees are more productive, produce higher quality output and are more satisfied in their jobs.

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GovernmentU.S. Armymore informationDownload

U.S. Army

The Army's Distributed Learning System (DLS) office is charged with providing timely, scalable and cost-effective learning solutions to Army personnel for professional development and missionessential certification requirements. To support the extensive range of desired training contingencies, DLS selected Skillsoft learning solutions and the Skillport Learning Management System (LMS) for its Army eLearning program because of Skillsoft's demonstrated efficiencies, proven performance and confirmed cost effectiveness.

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Computer-ServicesUnisysmore informationDownload


Using Skillsoft content Unisys created a virtual and personalized environment, invited the top 200 leaders to be inspired by selected content, to discuss how it applies to Unisys, and share how it has helped them view situations differently. The content was organized to support Unisys' leadership competencies; a framework that provides structure, supports the CEO's three-year strategy and adapts to emphasize the needs of unique business units.

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EducationUniversity of Floridamore informationDownload

University of Florida

UF adopted Skillsoft Books24x7's ITPro and BusinessPro collections and immediately recognized the benefits and realized that they could give their patrons a much deeper, richer and more up to date information resource. More importantly, this content is readily available -24 hours a day, seven days a week. Also unlike print collections and other e-book providers, multiple users can simultaneously access the same book, eliminating wait time as well as costly purchases of numerous copies..

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EducationUniversity of Houstonmore informationDownload

University of Houston

After a successful pilot, the university became Skillsoft's first enterprise-wide education partner in the United States, acquiring the complete library of business, IT and desktop eLearning courseware and the Books24x7 collection Working together, the departments helped the university add additional courses and the Books 24x7 online book collections.

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EducationUniversity of North Carolina Wilmingtonmore informationDownload

University of North Carolina Wilmington

The Learning Systems team used Skillsoft Dialogue Design to create custom courses, one for managers and another one for faculty/staff. This made it possible for the university to provide everyone with this training, without hiring additional staff, in just eight months. In addition, UNCW successfully aligned Skillsoft learning resources with strategic initiatives including Blackboard orientation, a content management system for online academic course, a School of Nursing orientation, supplementing classroom instruction and a first-year research tutorial.

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GovernmentUSDAmore informationDownload


First the USDA introduced AgLearn, its consolidated LMS, as part of an eGovernment strategic initiative. Then the USDA implemented Skillsoft training content, including SkillChoice Complete courses and book collections for business, desktop computing and IT; IT and Desktop Performance Support videos; Well-Being Essentials from Skillsoft's Books24x7 collection and 50 other selected compliance courseware titles enabling them to keep things consistent for its dispersed workforce.

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GovernmentUSOmore informationDownload


Skillsoft offered rich content that supported the USO's needs. That Skillsoft serves various other branches of the military was an additional benefit. With Skillsoft, the USO developed a standard learning program for new hires to complete within 90 days. The USO introduced the Skillport LMS allowing the USO to track and report on all learning activities, not just eLearning. Additionally people can register for courses through the LMS, which generates a roster. The system also tracks participation in offsite conferences and seminars, required continuing education units (CEUs) for various certifications, and tuition reimbursement.

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Energy-UtilitiesVectrenmore informationDownload


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