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Improving Business PerformanceThe Relationship Between Learning, Workforce Agility, and Business Performancemore informationDownload

The Relationship Between Learning, Workforce Agility, and Business Performance

Organizations that embrace and practice agility are proven to be more effective in dealing with change. Key to fostering agility is continuous learning and development. Learning is not an event-based occurrence where one-time training can satisfy skill gaps; learning opportunities need to be accessible, targeted, and continuous. With a strong learning culture that aligns with business objectives, companies are better able to embrace an agile mindset, and with increased agility, performance will improve and the overall business impact will increase.

Length: 10 pages

Improving Business PerformanceThe Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts with Trainingmore informationDownload

The Bedrock of IT Security: It Starts with Training

Uninformed, careless, or disgruntled employees can create profound information security disruptions and IT experts bear the burden. Learm how training your current staff reduces the time, cost and headache of replacing scarce resources and keeps valuable institutional knowledge in house for the consistency and continuity you need to protect your systems.

Length: 9 pages

Improving Business PerformanceThe Changing Role of the CIOmore informationDownload

The Changing Role of the CIO

No department within an organization has undergone such a profound change as that of IT. The platforms used to deliver IT products and services, the tools-of-the-trade and skillsets required to do the job have changed. On top of all that, the IT function is now being integrated into the company's other operations and is expected to operate as a business-within-abusiness. Overseeing this sea change is the CIO. This paper examines how the role of the CIO has been evolving to meet today's new world of IT.

Length: 12 pages

Improving Business PerformanceIntegrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Modelmore informationDownload

Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: The Skillsoft Compliance Maturity Model

Complex and continually evolving regulatory standards are placing increased pressure on our customers to “do the right thing and do it right now.” That's why we've established Skillsoft Global Compliance Solutions: to offer training solutions and management tools to assist our customers in promoting ethical and lawful cultures, reducing legal and regulatory violations and minimize their exposure to operational risk.

Length: 8 pages

Improving Business PerformanceDoes your code of conduct program hit the mark? Ten questions you should be asking yourself.more informationDownload

Does your code of conduct program hit the mark? Ten questions you should be asking yourself.

To compete in today's global marketplace, employees at every level of your organization need to understand the risks associated with a broad spectrum of compliance issues and feel empowered to make the right decisions — even when no one is watching. Sixty-two percent of organizations cite risk management and assessment as a top-three concern when asked about elements of success. Many companies struggle to meet this challenge, but an effective compliance training program can foster a culture of workplace best-practices from the boardroom all the way to the shop floor. Here are 10 questions that you may find useful to consider when planning or reviewing your code of conduct program.

Length: 8 pages

Leadership DevelopmentActionable Leadership in the Creative Agemore informationDownload

Actionable Leadership in the Creative Age

Skillsoft conducted a survey to compare the traits that defined 20th century leaders with the characteristics of their 21st century counterparts. While many organizations understand how leadership is changing, their cultures have not yet adapted to encourage these new leadership traits. This paper provides some techniques for developing a culture that fosters innovation and encourages 21st century leadership methods and mindsets.

Length: 9 pages

Leadership DevelopmentDirect the White Space: Refocusing Leadership Development from Program to Processmore informationDownload

Direct the White Space: Refocusing Leadership Development from Program to Process

The current approach to leadership development in most organizations today isn't working. Organizations must refocus their leadership efforts and shift their mindset from programs to process. The solution must scale and be compatible with the environment in which leaders operate - one of constant change and a scarcity of "white space." This paper provides insights on how we can refocus leadership development by moving from programs to process and directing the white space.

Length: 12 pages

Leadership DevelopmentThe Impact of Women in the Workforce: A Skillsoft Survey Reportmore informationDownload

The Impact of Women in the Workforce: A Skillsoft Survey Report

From entry level to C-level positions, women workers are facing more barriers and advancing more slowly than their male counterparts. What's more, even when training is available, the opportunity to advance and to apply skills may not be. In this Skillsoft survey, 486 women worldwide weigh in on topics like the imbalance of women in leadership and senior management roles, what that means for a working population of which women make up 50 percent, and the importance of programs aimed at women leaders.

Length: 11 pages

Learning Impact and ROIHow Skillsoft Moves the Needlemore informationDownload

How Skillsoft Moves the Needle

Research shows that organizations with a strong learning culture outperform their peers in terms of innovation, productivity, quality, and market leadership. So if organizations can use learning as a lever to achieve business advantage, who should they turn to? They should be turning to Skillsoft. This research reveals that Skillsoft eLearners are adapting faster and achieving business results.

Length: 11 pages

Learning Impact and ROIA Set of Best Practices for Targeting, Aligning and Measuring Learningmore informationDownload

A Set of Best Practices for Targeting, Aligning and Measuring Learning

This paper offers a set of best practices for identifying learning needs that support business priorities, align a solution and measure results. It is a consolidated set of ideas, tips and techniques collected from the experiences of Skillsoft customers. Highlights include: * Helps organizations move from "order takers" to business partners * Provides practical approaches * Is based on the best practices of organizations around the globe * Outlines an approach for level 4 msmt * Prescriptive method to make the shift from the left of the LGM to the right

Length: 18 pages

Learning Impact and ROIThe Skillsoft Learning and Talent Maturity Frameworkmore informationDownload

The Skillsoft Learning and Talent Maturity Framework

Winning the war for talent demands more than novel recruiting tactics. To gain a foothold, organizations will need to look at wholesale HR adaptation. Disruptive? Yes. But the need to change is about as fundamental as Darwin's principles for evolutionary theory itself. Learn what paradigm shifts you need to make to compete successfully for talent, exploit technology to achieve a smarter way, build a healthier culture and develop a more resilient workforce.

Length: 28 pages

Learning Program DesignSkillsoft New Hire Training Program: A Case Study of Onboarding New Sales Talentmore informationDownload

Skillsoft New Hire Training Program: A Case Study of Onboarding New Sales Talent

Skillsoft's blended learning program for new sales new hire training is a model of efficient and effective onboarding. The program has resulted in bringing new salespeople up-to-speed more quickly, and at lower cost, than traditional approaches. This paper describes in detail how the program has been designed and implemented to achieve outstanding business results.

Length: 9 pages

Learning Program DesignMillennial Learning Myths & Misconceptionsmore informationDownload

Millennial Learning Myths & Misconceptions

Millennials are different from other generations—but probably not as different as L&D and talent leaders have been led to believe. Changes in technology have impacted the way all of us live, learn and work. Rather than focusing solely on millennials, develop a learning and development strategy focused on meeting the needs of the modern learner—and watch your programs become more effective in engaging employees to deliver business impact.

Length: 15 pages

Learning Program DesignSix Elements of Effective Compliance Trainingmore informationDownload

Six Elements of Effective Compliance Training

There are six elements to an effective compliance training program. This paper outlines these components and explores how each one contributes to organizational strategy and efficacy. The paper also presents the results of our Skillsoft Pulse Survey, which gathered end-user perspectives on compliance eLearning.

Length: 15 pages

Learning Program DesignDesigning Blended Programs Using the Eight Phases of Workplace Learningmore informationDownload

Designing Blended Programs Using the Eight Phases of Workplace Learning

In order to successfully deliver the right training to the right people at the right time, blended learning programs must be designed with key criteria in mind. In this white paper, learn what your organization needs to include for support and guidance, to consider when it comes to learning delivery and how to think about measurement before you spend the first development dollar.

Length: 11 pages

Learning Program DesignGetting Started with eLearningmore informationDownload

Getting Started with eLearning

The face of corporate learning has changed. It is no longer possible to develop your human capital with a single approach. Today's corporate environment calls for out of the box thinking, incorporating the benefits of many types of learning to benefit your company's single biggest investment - your people. Evaluating the ever-growing corporate learning solutions that are available enables you to obtain full benefit from your learning programs, by selecting the range of learning resources that best match your strategic corporate goals.

Length: 14 pages

Mobile LearningFive Calls to Make When Developing a Mobile Learning Strategymore informationDownload

Five Calls to Make When Developing a Mobile Learning Strategy

With smartphones becoming commonplace and new mobile devices such as tablets skyrocketing in popularity, the interest in mobile learning has begun to heat up as well. Many organizations see the promise of mobile learning, but actual implementations are still rare. Is now the time to take the plunge into mobile learning or should you wait for a more stable mobile landscape to emerge? It's important for organizations to focus on some basic issues before making this important decision.

Length: 10 pages

Social LearningThe Eight Truths of Social Learning. Now.more informationDownload

The Eight Truths of Social Learning. Now.

Many learning professionals are keenly interested in the topic of social learning but relatively few organizations have begun to implement it. One reason is that it is difficult to separate the hype from reality and focus on the elements that are really important. Based on early experience with our own social learning tool, this list of eight "truths" has been compiled to provide a foundation for learning professionals who are Social Learning in their organizations.

Length: 7 pages

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