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Premium module enhances SkillPort® LMS capabilities for reporting

NASHUA, N.H., Sept. 29, 2005 -- In a continuous effort to extend and enhance the capabilities of the SkillPort® learning management system, SkillSoft PLC (Nasdaq: SKIL), a leading provider of content resources and complementary technologies for integrated enterprise learning, has released the latest premium SkillPort® module, the Advanced Reporting Module. This module is part of a solution set announced early in 2005 to help customers better deliver and manage advanced blended learning programs.

The Advanced Reporting Module was created to better meet the reporting needs of SkillPort customers. With dashboard reports that feature graphical and textual data displays, the module allows customers to monitor high-level usage data such as learner demographics and frequently accessed SkillPort courses, or books from the Books24x7® Referenceware® collections. They can combine the courseware and Books24x7 usage data into a single report and export to Excel or HTML formats. The reporting capabilities easily scale to large result sets, allowing customers to produce reports for hundreds of thousands of users within seconds.

Companies can filter and view data according to customer-defined segments. By defining up to four different data dimensions, users can filter data and view customized reports that detail, for example, the use of learning resources by employees within a particular country or region. The additional filtering options usually eliminate the need to further manipulate data.

“The reporting capabilities of this module will make it easier for customers to create reports that pertain to specific learning programs and minimize the need for further time-intensive data manipulation,” said Lee Ritze, SkillSoft senior vice president of marketing and corporate development. “Our goal with this and other modules is to offer our 1,300+ SkillPort customers the flexibility to deliver, manage and support a wide range of blended learning programs.”

SkillSoft plans to introduce the Customer Content Publishing Solution later this year that will enhance the delivery of custom content through SkillPort. Earlier this year, SkillSoft introduced the Credentialing and Instructor-Led Training modules. The Credentialing Module provides a way to track industry-recognized certifications and internal, company-sponsored training programs. The Instructor-Led Training Module allows companies to manage e-learning and instructor-led training resources within a single system.

The SkillPort modules are available for licensing by SkillPort customers. For more information, call 1-877-545-5763 or go to

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