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Skillsoft's Books24x7 Exceeds 20,000 Title Milestone

18 September 2008

More than 20,000 titles, ranging from digitised IT, business books and executive reports, are now featured in SkillSoft's Books24x7 collection, cementing its position as one of the largest online on-demand book resources in the world.

Since its humble beginnings in 1999 as a niche application focussing on IT topics, Books24x7 has catapulted to a global audience and touches all parts of an organisation with an unprecedented depth and breadth of resources also covering business, engineering, financial skills and work life balance topics.

Hundreds of publishers contribute to more than a dozen different Books 24x7 collections, including Australia's largest independent publisher, Allen & Unwin.  In addition, to English-language titles, Books24x7 has also expanded its offerings to include French and German collections.

According to John Ambrose, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development and Emerging Business for SkillSoft, Books24x7 has been expanding the skills and increasing the personal development of thousands of users at many of the world's best-known companies for nearly a decade.

"This significant milestone underscores SkillSoft's commitment in ensuring comprehensive topical coverage throughout our Books24x7 reference collections," he said.

"When users are searching and delving into Books24x7, for business-relevant information, they recognise and appreciate that depth and breadth of trusted content is critical towards the likelihood in obtaining the answers they need."

Since Books24x7 was launched, the offering has grown by an average of 38 per cent per year.  With more than 6.4 million pages of content, Books24x7 adds an average of more than one title per hour of each business day throughout the year.

The Books24x7 On Demand Platform has grown and matured in capabilities and enables users to search, browse, read, organise, recommend and share with other users within the vast on-line library.

Mobile users have access to the full content and functionality of the Books24x7 platform, including powerful and reliable patented search technology and browse capabilities, complete site and content navigation and personal and corporate folders.

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