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Skillsoft Extends Partnership with Deloitte

12 November 2008

SkillSoft, a leading e-learning company, announced today that professional services firm Deloitte will be featuring a range of its online learning resources from the award-winning Books24x7 collection through the Deloitte Leadership Academy.

The Deloitte Leadership Academy is an innovative online learning tool, featuring content from the world's top business schools, and is accessed by 1,600 registered top Australian senior business executives.

With the addition of compelling assets from SkillSoft's Books24x7 collection, the Deloitte Leadership Academy will now offer ExecSummariesTM which are summaries of current leading business books; ExecBlueprintsTM which are concise strategic business guides authored by leading industry executives; and Leadership Development Channel QuickTalks which are five-minute videos featuring best-selling business authors, experts and CEOs.  Books24x7 is a leading provider of online, on-demand book resources adopted by leading organisations worldwide that enables users to access trusted information how, when and where they need it.

Incorporating the engaging and current learning tools from SkillSoft will further enhance and develop the management and leadership skills of these senior executives.

As part of the extended partnership and a world first in air-travel, Deloitte Leadership Academy subscribers will be able to gain access to SkillSoft's online training resources and content via Qantas' new A380 aircraft in-flight entertainment system.

According to Tom Richardson, Managing Partner, Deloitte Leadership Academy, the opportunity to introduce SkillSoft's expertise into the Academy's unique online learning management and networking solution has further enhanced the services the Academy provides to its members.

"The Deloitte Leadership Academy will allow time-starved senior executives instant access to up-to-date business content and leadership material - whether they are in the air or on the ground via their laptops or personal mobile devices," he said.

"Our agreement with SkillSoft enables the Deloitte Leadership Academy to continue to provide a solid platform of learning resources that fit perfectly into the hectic schedules of top Australian business executives."

According to SkillSoft's Sales Director, Australia and New Zealand Maryanne Puli, SkillSoft's affiliation with Deloitte Leadership Academy will enable business leaders in Australia's private and public sector to take advantage of the online learning tool. "Our alliance with Deloitte Leadership Academy reflects our commitment to online development and training worldwide," she said.

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