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Skillsoft Tops Customer Loyalty Survey of Global Software and IT Companies for Third Consecutive Year

11 December 2009

For the third consecutive year, SkillSoft, a leading provider of e-learning and performance support solutions, has been ranked number one in a global customer loyalty survey.

The independent survey conducted by TNS, the world's largest custom research company, saw global SkillSoft customers rigorously consulted over a wide variety of product and service related questions.

The customer loyalty score was derived from customer responses in key areas including intent to repurchase and willingness to act as a reference.  SkillSoft significantly exceeded industry benchmarks in all areas.  

Ninety-seven per cent of customers who answered said they would act as a product reference, the highest score for this category since SkillSoft started commissioning the survey in 2004. SkillSoft continues to receive high marks for their products, customer service, and ease of doing business. Asia Pacific customers participated in the survey and their results reflect the overall positive consensus of the survey.

During the three years that SkillSoft has topped the customer loyalty results in the TNS index, it has been benchmarked against companies ranging in size from approximately $100 million to $120 billion in revenue.  All companies are in the software or IT services sectors.

According to Chuck Moran, SkillSoft President and CEO, SkillSoft has invested in large customer-facing sales and services force so that SkillSoft customers have the best experience possible.

"SkillSoft also invests heavily in R&D to ensure that the customers have access to the most innovative products," he said.

"We emphasize to every employee that being responsive to customers is the most important thing they do, and this survey reflects this commitment."

The survey which detail customers' attitudes towards SkillSoft are commissioned annually by the company to help drive continuous improvements across the organisation. SkillSoft has approximately 10 million end users at 3,000 companies including around half of the Fortune 500.

"One thing we believe strongly is that you can't improve something if you don't measure it," said Tom Buehrer, Senior Vice President at TNS, which works with many of the Fortune 500's top technology companies to provide market measurement, analysis and insight. "SkillSoft is a great example of a company that backs up its promises about customer satisfaction with research programs to make sure they are achieving their goals."

About SkillSoft
SkillSoft PLC (Nasdaq: SKIL) is a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of on-demand e-learning and performance support solutions for global enterprises, government, education and small- to medium-sized businesses.

With its Asia Pacific headquarters in Melbourne, SkillSoft enables business organisations to maximise business performance through a combination of comprehensive e-learning content, online information resources, flexible learning technologies and support services.