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Skillsoft Announces Availability of Hundreds of One-Hour Business Skills Courses in 14 Languages

7 October 2010

SkillSoft, a leading provider of e-learning and performance support solutions, has announced the availability of more than 730 newly localised one-hour business skills courses which will be offered in 14 different languages to thousands of SkillSoft users around the world.

The announcement marks the completion of SkillSoft's most significant localisation initiative and builds upon its ongoing efforts to offer global organisations the learning assets needed to meet business demands.  

The new one-hour online courses, which span SkillSoft's most popular professional development titles, are available in a variety of languages including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indian English, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

SkillSoft translates courseware into a wide range of languages, currently offering more than 2000 localised business courses. With the completion of this recent initiative, SkillSoft has expanded its learning portfolio to provide global organisations access to a series of new, shorter-length business skills courses that enable users to quickly garner essential on-the-job skills.  The targeted one-hour business courses are an effective tool to improve employee performance and to enhance overall business productivity.

"Learning is an integral part of global business today, as it enables organisations to respond to changes more effectively and retain their competitive advantage," said SkillSoft Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Glenn Nott.

"By extending our localised courseware options for global organisations, we're giving them the tools they need to reach a broader audience and keep pace in the global economy."  

SkillSoft began offering one-hour business skills courseware in 2009 in response to their customers' request for shorter, subject-specific and more engaging training content.  Since then, the one-hour course model has been applied to many titles in the business skills collection, providing users more targeted subject matter in less time. Courses localised in the one-hour format were selected based on results from SkillSoft's annual content survey, in which clients asked SkillSoft to produce new content for some of its most popular business skills subjects, including: leadership, interpersonal communication, customer service, coaching and managing change.

SkillSoft's localised courses go beyond straight translation, as the company works with several partners to effectively adapt content so that it is contextually relevant in each international market.  While overall learning objectives remain consistent, elements of the courses differ to account for cultural nuances and business style.  SkillSoft's next project includes localised versions of Office 2010 learning content.

One-hour business skills courses are available through SkillPort, SkillSoft's learning management system, which provides organizations the ability to deploy e-learning solutions globally, offering support for SkillSoft's full library of localized courseware. Alternatively, these courses can be easily integrated into other learning platforms via SkillSoft's Open Learning Services Architecture (OLSA), or installed directly into customers' own learning management systems, giving customers the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best meets their needs.