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Skillsoft's 2015 Research Report Reveals Strong Growth Trends for Mobile Learning in China

Organizations should embrace training programs to keep up with technology and meet the learning needs of an ever-increasing mobile workforce

SHANGHAI, P.R.C., August 25, 2015 Skillsoft, a global leader in learning and talent management, today released its research report, The State of Mobile Learning in China. The report highlights key insights into the availability of and preferences for mobile learning, as well as challenges and concerns which impact the implementation of mobile learning in organizations in Asia Pacific broadly, as well as specifically in China. The research report includes numerous unique insights for organizations in China addressing the challenges of learning and development in the mobile-enabled age.

The State of Mobile Learning in China: How mobile is shaping cloud-based learning reveals gaps in the learning and development landscape in China and identifies ways in which organizations can utilize mobile learning to address these challenges. The regional study collected 545 responses from decision makers (individuals who manage a budget within an organization for Human Resources or Learning & Development) and learners (individuals who do not manage Human Resources or Learning & Development budgets and receive training in any form) across 16 countries in Asia Pacific.

Mike Shen, General Manager, China at Skillsoft commented, "Tomorrow's winning organizations will be learning-focused organizations, where employees access the learning they need anytime, anywhere and how they choose. This research clearly shows that mobile learning is transforming the way employees in China learn and provides organizations in China with critical insights to help them develop and retain the best and brightest talent."

One telling insight from the report showed that while respondents in China overall (70 percent) agreed that mobile learning would increase learning engagement, adoption rates among organizations remains low (34 percent). This suggests that there is a significant opportunity for organizations in China to capitalize on the perceived benefits of mobile learning by these respondents.

Mobile learners in China are both highly pragmatic and bullish on mobile learning. 74 percent agree that mobile learning enables new knowledge and skills, while 54 percent of users expressed a preference for mobile learning content that delivers skills that can help them achieve industry-recognized certification. Overall they are clearly convinced of the benefits of mobile learning with 95 percent responding that mobile learning benefits them in some way. Organizations in China also see the benefits of mobile learning, with 100 percent agreeing that mobile learning improves business efficiency and 67 percent seeing improved business results.

Organizations and users in China agree that the preferred formats for mobile learning content are video tutorials (71 percent), slide shows (71 percent) and interactive content with active participation (63 percent). At the same time, there is a lot of experimentation in China with six types of content used by 40 percent or more of the organizations surveyed. This approach leads to gaps, such as with PDFs, which are used by 72 percent of organizations, while they are preferred by only 33 percent of users. Clearly, as mobile learning develops, organizations in China have improvements to make in terms of delivering formats that appeal to their employees while balancing business and compliance requirements.

There are also obstacles to implementing an effective mobile learning program. The three biggest concerns for organizations seeking to implement mobile learning are lack of perceived value to the organization (45 percent), network issues such as connection stability and speed or VPN requirements (42 percent) and concerns about network security (41 percent). These challenges have not dampened the enthusiasm for mobile learning however, with 50 percent of all respondents overall either having already adopted or intending to adopt mobile learning in their organizations.

"China is quickly integrating into the global economy. Organizations in China and their employees are demanding the same relevance and convenience as their counterparts worldwide. Trends like "Bring your Own Device" (BYOD) are starting to take hold and China already has one of the highest smartphone penetration rate in the world. Future trends in mobile learning are emerging from China and Skillsoft is at the forefront of these trends," added Mr Shen.

The report findings demonstrate how organizations have the opportunity to transform the way they deliver talent development that resonates with and engages their learners, resulting in a greater return on investment and proves that organizations that leverage mobile learning successfully achieve greater employee and organizational effectiveness and business impact.

About the Report

Few global studies have provided insights into the Asia Pacific and China landscapes when it comes to mobile learning trends. The report seeks to better identify and understand the availability of and preferences for mobile learning and the concerns and challenges that impact the implementation of mobile learning in organizations.

Over 545 decision makers and learners from 16 countries in the Asia Pacific region were surveyed. For China, 64 decision makers and learners were surveyed. This study collected responses from Senior Managers and key Decision Makers in charge of department budgets and learning/training in organizations across China. The study also surveyed Learners who have access to learning programs within their organization to gain a broader perspective on views and applications of learning, and specifically, mobile learning. Decision Makers and Learners were then further classified depending on whether their organizations had adopted mobile learning, intended to implement mobile learning, or did not have plans to launch mobile learning.

The research report can be downloaded here.

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