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Novell Set to Launch Enterprise-Wide Multi-Modal Learning Initiative with SkillSoft

Agreement Will Bring Web-Based Courseware and Referenceware to 5,700 Employees Learner Identification and Access Managed by Novell Nsure Secure Identity Management

NASHUA, NH – May 13, 2003 – SkillSoft PLC (Nasdaq: SKIL), a leading provider of e-learning courseware and referenceware for business and IT professionals, today announced that Novell® is launching an enterprise-wide, multi-modal learning initiative using SkillSoft technology that will give Novell’s 5,700 employees online access to IT and business skills courseware, books, and other information resources. The initiative is designed to address the formal training requirements of Novell employees, as well as their informal, day-to-day information needs.

The web-based learning solution incorporates approximately 1,800 IT courses spanning a wide variety of technologies and related topics, certification support, and mentoring services; 150 business skills courses covering business law, strategic planning, marketing, and other topics; and more than 2,600 IT books and 1,600 ReferencePoint white papers on emerging technologies and related issues available through SkillSoft’s subsidiary, Books24x7. SkillSoft’s SkillPort will give employees the ability to search all learning resources for particular topics, and they can then choose to access those resources most appropriate to their training needs, learning preferences, and available time.

The SkillPort learning platform is integrated with Novell’s enterprise applications through a Novell Nsure™ secure identity management solution. This integration allows Novell employees to access all SkillSoft learning resources any time during the workday without a separate login and password. SkillPort statistics such as course accesses, course completions, and test results are also passed on to PeopleSoft and other relevant enterprise systems. Novell eDirectory™ serves as the centralized repository for user identities and access privileges to the learning resources, as well as other Novell systems. Novell DirXML® automates the integration process, and Novell iChain® provides web single sign-on and access control.

“One of Novell’s key business objectives is to continually update and maintain the technical skills and competencies of our employees in order to offer maximum value to our customers,” said Steve Brunt, business systems analyst for Novell’s Learning and Development organization. “This solution gives employees many options for formal training, such as preparing for project management or IT-related certification exams, and also addressing the informal learning needs that arise every day. Equally important, through the use of Novell Nsure, this e-learning environment is secure, easily accessible from virtually anywhere and integrated with existing enterprise applications like PeopleSoft.” Brunt cites SkillSoft’s multi-modal search capability, the availability of courseware in multiple languages, and the extensive Books24x7 Referenceware library as being among key selection criteria for the new three-year agreement signed in January.

“The integration work we’ve performed with Novell enhances our vision for comprehensive anywhere, anytime access to relevant learning resources,” said Chuck Moran, CEO and president of SkillSoft. “Both of our companies are committed to removing information barriers and giving employees efficient and seamless access to the tools needed to do their jobs.”

About SkillSoft
SkillSoft is a leading provider of e-learning courseware and referenceware for business and IT professionals. SkillSoft products and services are designed to accelerate the ability of today’s workforce to master the business and technology skills required for competitive success. The company has more thousands of corporate customers worldwide and more than 4.5 million licensed users.

SkillSoft focuses on meeting the comprehensive business skills and information technology learning needs of professionals in Global 5000 organizations through a comprehensive range of content-focused, e-learning solutions, including:

Business Skills Library: More than 1,900 courseware and simulation titles encompassing professional effectiveness, management/leadership, project management, sales & customer-facing skills, business strategy/operations, finance, human resources, safety/health and financial services industry. Courses feature strong visual design; a focus on instructional objectives at the application and analysis levels; learner interactivity and reinforcement through RolePlays, SkillSimulations, and case studies; and pre- and post-course assessments with prescriptive learning capabilities.

IT Skills and Certification Library: More than 1,800 course titles encompassing software development, operating systems and server technologies, Internet and network technologies, enterprise database systems, web design, and desktop computer skills. The IT library also supports more than 70 current certification exams.

ITPro, BusinessPro, and FinancePro Referenceware: More than 3,600 unabridged IT and business books and reports are available to online subscribers through SkillSoft’s subsidiary, Books24x7. A unique, patent-pending search engine gives subscribers the ability to perform multi-level searches.

SkillSoft customers include organizations such as: Siemens Business Services, Novell, American Red Cross, Fluor Corporation, Verizon, U.S. Army, Deloitte Consulting, Raytheon, IBM, Internal Revenue Service, Army National Guard, Qwest, Department of Transportation, and NEC America.

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