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The Intern Story

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This series is focused on our experiences as marketing interns at Skillsoft and acclimating to work during the global pandemic. With this blog, we will offer tips and insights to young professionals, and share our experiences navigating the nuances of adapting to today’s rapidly evolving workforce.

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Introduction to Achieving our Greatness: The Intern Story

Hello, and welcome to our blog, Achieving our Greatness: The Intern Story. This blog is written by a group of interns working remotely for Skillsoft, a provider of online learning, training, and talent solutions to help organizations unleash their edge.

Onboarding on my Own?

Beginning an internship at the start of a global pandemic is not something I would recommend, if of course one had the choice…but it hasn’t been impossible.

Replacing Handshakes with Virtual Waves: Onboarding In a Remote Environment

If you’re like me, you have recently started your first job or internship from your childhood home due to COVID-19. Weeks before starting my internship as the world began shutting down, I realized I had to endure a daunting task — navigating a remote workplace.

Finding the Silver Lining: The Importance of Positivity When Adapting to Novel Circumstances

We ultimately cannot completely control our environments — we can only control our responses to them. In order to be better employees, coworkers, and human beings, it is essential to focus on what we can control.

The Secret Life of the Communications Intern

There are so many different industries. And yet, there is a misconception that Communications only play a role in the beauty, fashion, hospitality, sports, and entertainment industry. However, Communications is critical for organizations across all are a key part of multiple sectors, especially government, health, non-profit and corporations.

What on Earth is Scrumming?

Scrumming…what a strange word. Prior to this internship, I had never heard of it. I came to learn that as an organization we were creating an Agile team framework allowing us to be quick to respond to any and all marketing needs for the company. It makes problem solving easier and also breaks down large projects to be manageable and easy to follow.

Meet Skillz- The Skillsoft Chatbot

Meet "Skillz", the chatbot the lives on the Skillsoft website! Skillz is apart of a software application that helps customers quickly, and easily navigate to resources they might be looking for on the site!

I Got the Data Results — Now What Do I Do?!

Data. You might love it, hate it, or find it utterly confusing or even downright terrifying. It can be intimidating and difficult to synthesize and analyze, yet it is an extremely powerful tool to support one’s arguments and recommendations in countless professions — from business to law to medicine.

The World of Podcasting

Recently, a lot of companies and organizations are creating their own podcasts. In my humble opinion, I think it’s a great idea. Not only does this generate more content for your audiences, but it’s also a great media channel to circulate content from more traditional forms of media.

College Is Online... Now What?

First, we got sent home during our spring semester. Initially, it felt like a very strange vacation during the weirdest time of our lives. Now, it’s the new normal. Which has left me wondering, what does this mean for my senior year of college? Will we be back on campus or remote for another semester?

The People Behind The Screens

As the summer winds down, I can confidently say I was able to create relationships with my colleagues remotely! Even though a computer screen, we managed to spend the summer setting time aside to get to know one another.

The Research Behind Building Better Habits

We are essentially our habits. The things we do, or choose not to do, on a daily basis shape us into who we are as humans, employees, friends, and family members. Many of our habits are created subconsciously and executed automatically. However, this certainly does not mean that our habits are irreversible.

Lets Get Down to Business

I truly believed that I didn’t need a basic understanding of business to have a successful Communications career. That all changed when I started this internship and learned key terminology that I hadn't been taught at College.

5 Things Young Women Wonder Answered by Female Leaders

I'm fortunate to be working with women, led by women, and learning from women in the field I love. I decided reached out to some of the leaders within my company to find out how they got to where they are today and see if they have any tips for me as a young woman starting out.

How Internships Can Expose Young Adults to Unexpected Career Interests

An internship is not only a stepping-stone of experience before you get your first job, but it helps you figure out what career paths you like or dislike. For me, I always knew I wanted to do something in the marketing field, and I never anticipated what area I would find the most interesting.

Making Difficult Decisions

Time management. Priorities. Scheduling. They are terms that are frequently tossed around, especially for college students. “You can’t do it all” and “don’t spread yourself too thinly” are phrases that have been routinely said to me when I am under stress and face pressure due to competing priorities.