Cinchology: Achieving BIG Breakthroughs, One Inch at a Time

  • 2h 34m 41s
  • Robert Louis Poole
  • Made for Success
  • 2018

Whether as New Year’s resolutions, birthday wishes, or daily promises, most everyone vows at some point to make a major life change. But change is easier said than done.

Robert’s method is not a quick fix, but it is a surprisingly simple one: make one small change, one inch at a time. After all, it is the small changes that are the most realistic, instead of trying to overhaul your lifestyle all at once.

Based on Robert Poole’s decades of research and professional training, forget the old school notion of work hard and play hard, and trying to juggle everything else philosophy. Whether your dream is to find your niche, create abundance, find the job you love, start a new business, give back to society or spend more quality time with your family and friends, it all can be done and done with excellence. CINCHOLOGY is the cobblestone necessary to pave your way to greatness and achievement.

In this Audiobook

  • CINCH IT #1: Fireproof
  • CINCH IT #2: Lost and Found
  • CINCH IT #3: The Golden Ticket
  • CINCH IT #4: Let Me See Your I.D.
  • CINCH IT #5: Intuition
  • CINCH IT #6: Unbounded Pleasure
  • CINCH IT #7: Shortcuts and Ivy League
  • CINCH IT #8: I'm Selling, You're Selling, Everyone's Selling
  • CINCH IT #9: Defy Logic and Major In Some Minor Things
  • CINCH IT #10: Trust Thyself
  • CINCH IT #11: Make a Difference
  • CINCH IT #12: Get the Wheels Turning