Extraordinary Leaders: The Secrets to Moving Beyond the Ordinary

  • 8h 26m
  • Chris Widener
  • Made for Success
  • 2015

Chris Widener has spent two decades working with top executives in business and government, learning what separates ordinary leaders from extraordinary leaders. In this audio program you will learn:

  • The philosophy of leadership
  • Character traits of extraordinary leaders
  • Common mistakes extraordinary leaders avoid
  • Keys to motivating your organization
  • And so much more!

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction
  • The Philosophy of Leadership
  • Four Goals for Extraordinary Leadership
  • Areas of Life Where Extraordinary Leadership is Needed
  • A Philosophy Extraordinary Leadership
  • The Benefits of Extraordinary Leadership
  • Exploding Leadership Myths
  • The Foundations of Extraordinary Leadership
  • The Character Traits of Extraordinary Leaders
  • The Top Skills of Extraordinary Leaders
  • Common Mistakes Extraordinary Leaders Don't Make
  • The Best Way Multiply Extraordinary Leadership in Your Organization
  • Key is to Motivating People to Follow Your Extraordinary Leadership
  • Be in Extraordinary Leadership to Tough and Challenging Times
  • What to Look for in Future Extraordinary Leaders
  • Simple Steps to Improve Your Extraordinary Leadership Today