Macrowikinomics: Rebooting Business and the World

  • 17h 28m 43s
  • Anthony D. Williams, Don Tapscott
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2010

In their 2007 best seller Wikinomics, Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams taught the world how mass collaboration was changing the way businesses communicate, compete, and succeed in the new global marketplace. But much has changed in three years, and the principles of wikinomics are now more powerful than ever.

In this new age of networked intelligence, businesses and communities are bypassing crumbling institutions. We are altering the way our financial institutions and governments operate; how we educate our children; and how the health care, newspaper, and energy industries serve their customers.

In every corner of the globe, businesses, organizations, and individuals alike are using mass collaboration to revolutionize not only the way we work but how we live, learn, create, and care for each other.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Rebooting the World
  • 2. Five Principles for the Age of Networked Intelligence
  • 3. Opening Up the Financial Services Industry
  • 4. Bootstrapping Innovation and Wealth Creation
  • 5. Reversing the Tide of Disruptive Climate Change: A New Global Power Emerges
  • 6. Wikinomics Meets the Green Energy Economy
  • 7. The Transportation Revolution: Moving Around in the Twenty-first Century
  • 8. Rethinking the University: Collaborative Learning
  • 9. Science 2.0: Igniting Knowledge Creation in a Networked World
  • 10. Collaborative Health Care
  • 11. The Demise of the Newspaper and the Rise of the New News
  • 12. Inside the Future of Music: Prosumers Take Center Stage
  • 13. The Future of Television and Film: Just Another Cool Internet Application?
  • 14. Creating Public Value: Government as a Platform for Social Achievement
  • 15. The Rise of the Citizen Regulator
  • 16. Solving Global Problems: Beyond the Nation-State
  • 17. Fighting for Justice: User-Generated Freedom from Tehran to Rangoon to Beijing