Mindsharing: The Art of Crowdsourcing Everything

  • 6h 14m 59s
  • Lior Zoref
  • Gildan Media
  • 2015

Whether we need to make better financial choices, find the love of our life, or transform our career, crowdsourcing is the key to making quicker, wiser, more objective decisions. But few of us even come close to tapping the full potential of our online personal networks.

In this Audiobook

  • 1. Finding Your Crowd (Building the New Network)
  • 2. The New Network (Mindsharing Your Career)
  • 3. Linking In and Linking Out (Mindsharing on LinkedIn)
  • 4. Working the Crowd (Managing Digital Relationships)
  • 5. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall (Asking the Right Questions)
  • 6. Crowd Creativity (Mining the Collective Wisdom for Creative Gold)
  • 7. When Good Crowds Go Bad (When and Why Mindsharing Is Not Working)
  • 8. Smart Money (Using the Crowd to Mind Your Money)
  • 9. Smile for the Crowd (Finding and Keeping Love with Mindsharing)
  • 10. It Takes a Really Big Village (Mindsharing Your Why to Being a Better Parent)
  • 11. Paging Doctor Crowd (Mindsharing Your Health)
  • 12. I Have a Dream (The Power of Crowd Dreaming)
  • 13. Sweet Dreams (Mindsharing Your Way to a Successful Life Dream)
  • 14. Dream a Little Dream with Me (Crowd Coaching Dreams into Reality)