Put Your Mindset to Work: The One Asset You Really Need to Win and Keep the Job You Love

  • 7h 9m 43s
  • James Reed, Paul G. Stoltz
  • Recorded Books, Inc.
  • 2011

The right mindset can make you three times more likely to get the job you want—and even less likely to lose it later. Find out what that mindset is and how to develop it in this essential guide from acclaimed experts James Reed and Paul G. Stoltz.

In this Audiobook

  • Introduction: Why Mindset Matters
  • 1 The New Reality: What Employers Really Want
  • 2 The Winning Mindset: Introducing 3G
  • 3 Measure Your Mindset: The 3G Panorama
  • 4 Master Your Mindset: How It All Works
  • 5 Grow Your Mindset: Global
  • 6 Grow Your Mindset: Good
  • 7 Grow Your Mindset: Grit
  • 8 Get the Best Jobs, the 3G Way
  • 9 How to Keep a Great Job and Succeed at Work the 3G Way