The Power to Transform: Your New Future Awaits

  • 6h 42m 36s
  • Chris Majer
  • Made for Success
  • 2019

You already have the power to transform your life. Within this audiobook is a proven system for making it happen. No more wishing, dreaming, or trying and failing at real transformation. Learn and apply the strategies that have helped thousands achieve life, business, and relationship transformations that have them operating at a higher level than they ever dreamed!

Stop letting your life unfold before you. Create the life you really want! Achieve the measurable and dramatic increases in performance and profits that have been achieved by the likes of the US Army and Marine Corps, Amgen, AT&T, Microsoft, Intel, Allianz, and Capital One who all applied the strategies you'll find here.

In this Audiobook

  • Chapter 1: The New You
  • Chapter 2: How to Use This Work
  • Chapter 3: Language Shapes Reality
  • Chapter 4: Learning in a New World
  • Chapter 5: It All Moves From Center
  • Chapter 6: Cultivating Awareness
  • Chapter 7: Choice: Claiming Your Birthright
  • Chapter 8: Ability and Willingness
  • Chapter 9: Accountability
  • Chapter 10: Commitment
  • Chapter 11: Trust
  • Chapter 12: Honesty
  • Chapter 13: Integrity
  • Chapter 14: Being a Stand