Winning Well: A Manager's Guide to Getting Results Without Losing Your Soul

  • 7h 13m 10s
  • David Dye, Karin Hurt
  • Brilliance Publishing
  • 2016

It can feel like a rigged game. Executives set impossible goals, so managers drive their teams to burnout trying to deliver. Employees demand connection and support, so managers focus on relationships and fail to make the numbers. The fallout is stress, frustration, and disengagement, and not just among team members―two-thirds of managers report being disengaged.

In this Audiobook

  • CHAPTER 1 Winning Well
  • CHAPTER 2 How to Win Well in Every Situation
  • CHAPTER 3 Master the Metrics Maze
  • CHAPTER 4 How to Keep Your People Focused on Results
  • CHAPTER 5 Lead Meetings That Get Results and That People Want to Attend
  • CHAPTER 6 How to Make Business Decisions Your People Get Behind
  • CHAPTER 7 How to Hold Your People Accountable Without Losing Your Soul
  • CHAPTER 8 How to Solve the Right Problem Quickly and Get Back to Work
  • CHAPTER 9 How to Delegate So Nothing Falls Through the Cracks
  • CHAPTER 10 Get More Done in Less Time
  • CHAPTER 11 How and Why to Terminate Employees with Grace and Dignity
  • CHAPTER 12 The Secret to Releasing Your People's Energy
  • CHAPTER 13 How to Create Confidence and Momentum
  • CHAPTER 14 Build a Loyal Team of Problem Solvers
  • CHAPTER 15 Inspire Your Team to Double Productivity
  • CHAPTER 16 Get the Feedback You Need and the Influence You Crave
  • CHAPTER 17 Energize Your Team and Ensure That They Own the Results
  • CHAPTER 18 A Powerful Prescription for Energy- and Soul-Loss Prevention
  • CHAPTER 19 Great Relationships Require Great Results
  • CHAPTER 20 Sustain Your Team's Energy and Momentum
  • CHAPTER 21 Essential Practices That Build Your Credibility and Influence
  • CHAPTER 22 What If My Boss Doesn't Want to Win and Doesn't Care About Their Soul or Mine?
  • CHAPTER 23 What If My Team Doesn't Want to Win?
  • CHAPTER 24 How to Inspire and Motivate Yourself
  • CHAPTER 25 Your Winning Well Legacy