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Book Review: Aligning Training for Results



We are constantly adding new titles to our Books24x7,On Demand reference collections.   For example, the new book Aligning Training For Results: A Process and Tools That Link Training to Business by Ron Drew Stone (© 2009, Pfeiffer) was recently added to the BusinessPro collection.   Read more




The word “dovetail” creates an image of furniture in my mind.  In the land of furniture, dovetail features mean quality.  Drawers that have dovetail joints are far more durable than staples or glue. Read more

Is your LMS Saasy?

Hi, my name is Stephanie Pyle and I’m a SkillPort-aholic.  Obviously I’m a little bit biased, but recently as we have rolled out a brand new user interface  I’m starting to really love this ‘little LMS that could’. 

I completely understand why some companies need to go with much larger systems and we count most of those big players in the LMS space as key partners of ours when it comes to delivering content. Read more

Innovation – Look into the Future!


One of the reasons why I love Twitter is how fast I can get information. (I admit it, I’m a Twitter addict!) I don’t have to search the Web and read through a lot of data when what I really want is a nugget – a baseball score, a status update, a quick bit of information about a news story.Read more

Café: It’s about a conversation.

I would not be the first person to observe that companies are often like families.  Especially in organizations where employees stick around for a while, over time you begin to feel like you know the people in your workplace as well as you do your family members. Read more