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Book Review: Aligning Training for Results



We are constantly adding new titles to our Books24x7,On Demand reference collections.   For example, the new book Aligning Training For Results: A Process and Tools That Link Training to Business by Ron Drew Stone (© 2009, Pfeiffer) was recently added to the BusinessPro collection.   

Ron Drew Stone is an author and an international consultant and presenter, and one of the world’s most recognized and accomplished authorities on improving training and performance interventions and measuring results. Ron is president of the Center for Performance and ROI.

Stone advocates his Performance Alignment and Linkage Process (PAL).   Written for training professionals and consultants at all levels, this book will help you learn how to identify , measure, and sustain alignment throughout your training and performance process.  You can use the PAL methods and tools presented and integrate them with what you are doing now to improve results, or start from scratch with new methodology.  

This book is designed to get you thinking about your programs, and inspire new ways of measuring success. BusinessPro subscribers can access this book on Books24x7.

By: Pam Boiros

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